Subject Re: [IBO] report builder with IBO
Author Helmut Steinberger
>I'm wanting to purchase reportBuilder pro, but there is no mention of
>has anyone used reportbuilder with IBObjects? Is reportbuilder a good
>choice if I want to use it with IBO and IB6?

Reportbuilder is a very good choice. I use it in combination with IBO
and it works very well.
First I used it with the TDataset derived Components of IBO.
Since a few days, I use the IBOPipeline. Now it works, but it was a
hard job to change to the IBOPipeline, because the IBOPipeline is very
buggy. At designetime there are some cases to get the whole system
hang and even get the PC rebooted.
Now I decided to avoid placing IBOPipeline components on the form at
designtime. I create them at runtime, where ever I use them.

Regards Helmut