Subject Re: [IBO] report builder with IBO
Author Chef
Hi Daniel,

we are using ReportBuilder Pro 5.5 with IBObjects and are very happy with
this combination. You can use the TDataset derived components (TIBO*)
or if you want to use the native TIB_* components you have to download and
install the "IBOPipeline" packackage and "daIBO.pas". They are available
from the files section of this mailing list

In the IBOPipeline package you have to replace the existing IBOPipelineUnit.pas
with the new version. This is necessary if want to use RB Pro 5.5


At 13:28 14.02.2001 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm wanting to purchase reportBuilder pro, but there is no mention of
>has anyone used reportbuilder with IBObjects? Is reportbuilder a good
>choice if I want to use it with IBO and IB6?
>please suggestions