Subject Creating DB in code
Author Paul Schmidt
Hi everyone

Okay, slowly but surely I am getting to know the stuff I need for
this thing.

I would like to, using IBO and Delphi2, do the following in code:

Create a database and all the tables, generators, triggers, etc. I
would assume that IB_Script could be used here? However I would like
to do this, before the user is connected to any database. Preferably
I would like to try connecting to the database, and if it doesn't
exist create and populate it.

Next I would like to be able to add users to/delete users from the
database, I think this requires services.api, is that accessable
through Delphi, or do I need something else. What I am thinking
here, is that the program doesn't have it's own security, if you
exist on the database, you can use it, if you don't then you can't.
If the user is added from the program, then it does the proper GRANT
statements to allow the user to do stuff. I would rather that the
user not need to use any client utilities, like IBConsole.

Anyone have any ideas on either of these items?

Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
Email: paul@...