Subject Datapump prepare error
Any ideas.

Switched to latest version 3.6Cf to rule out any other problems.
Builder 5 - IB6 not patched (Firebird on test elsewhere)

I have a pair of simple data pump setups, which work fine except for an
anoying problem on first connection.

I need to prepare to set up the record number I want to copy. But it is
reporting a 'Statement failed to prepare'. The anoying bit is that I can
quite happily then load the parameter, run the pump and set up the
second half. So I have been just ignoring the error. It stays away until
I close and reopen the server connection, when it again pops up. It does
not matter what I try and prepare first, in the datapump module, that
first prepare has a problem, and then all the rest are fine.

I need to clear the problem as it is obviously causing a futher problem
where the network connection is too slow, so I loose a remote
ocasionally, stuck at this point.

I am now starting to trace through to see what is missing, but any
thoughts would help.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services