Subject RE Help files
Author Marc Leclerc
Here is what I have to say about help file and documentation. Although I am not near of being an expert with IBO and documentation I did have to make many help files in the past and do understand the time required not only to write the info but to format it, set links, and the list goes on.

So here is my proposal of contribution. I am willing to receive chunks of unformatted or whatever information / help / tips... and give around 5 hours a week (most likely more) to work on a help file / PDF documentation. My guess is that if every one gets together in sending a few lines on something they find we may just get what everyone is looking for. (mind you I am not trying to compete with the getting started guide which btw is a good intro).

Doc is hard and boring but my guess is that if this happen it will also give me a good learning experience.

Jason, If that interest you in any way get in touch with me, If members of this group thinks its a good idea let me know.


BTW, Yahoo groups is giving me headache.

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