Subject RE: [IBO] Sorting in IB_Grid
Author Josipovic, Nick
Take a look at orderinglinks and orderingitems in the TIB_Dataset itself.

Include the names of the columns in the orderinglinks in the format

and the orderingitems will have a format like
User_Readable_Name=Column;Column;<desc and/or asc>

The grid will itslef know of these links and display them in the title.
If you still have the IBFiller I sent you, you can take a look at the
browsing-function of a table and you will see ordering-links in action....

In the addon-directory of IBO there should also be somewhere an
OrderingItems Property-editor handling this stuff a bit graphically...simply
install the package and click on the ellipsis for the orderingitems in the

Nick Josipovic
Corporate Market Intelligence

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> Subject: [IBO] Sorting in IB_Grid
> Maybe I've missed something.
> Is it possible to order records in an IB_Grid with one click on the
> title columns of the grid? Something like RxDBGrid does but I don't
> want to use TDataset compatible IBO data access components!
> Thanks
> Thomas
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