Subject RE: [IBO] Seeming duplicate rows in IB_Grid - with work around.
Author Brian Dunstan

> you do explain your problem very well, but nothing that could
> help us help
> you. Please show us your SQL, SP definition, and any
> properties that may be
> of interest.

There is soooo much code in all of these things....

Anyhow, the good news is that I have found the problem. Here is the
offending code in OnCalculate event:

if AField.FieldName = 'ENCOUNTER' then
with ARow do
if ByName('ENC_START_DATE').IsNull then
{line 6}qryPatMorb.Fields.ByName('ENCOUNTER').AsString := format('%-10s
[FormatDateTime('ddddd t', ByName('ENC_START_DATE').Value),

The problem is that when converting from IBOQuery I had to change references
to ARow instead of referencing the query directly. Well, I missed one
reference on line 6. I guess that reference was changing the cursor position
or something.

Thanks for your interest.