Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DataSource.OnDataChange
There are two possibilties, when the OnDataChange-Event fires:
1) a field has been changed
2) when you scroll in the dataset
therefore try this way

if Assigned(Field) then
// field has been changed
if (field.fieldname='XX') then ...
// scroll
do something, if you want


Magnus Johansson wrote:

> Hi list.
> I'm getting AV when using
> if (Field.FieldName = 'XX') then begin ...
> in OnDataChange because Field = nil.
> Is there any way to know which particular field that is changed and triggering the event?
> When field XX is changed I wan't to update SQLWhere to filter a "lookup"-Query that is connected with keysource to another query.
> Maybe one should use params instead? If so, is there any difference in performance?
> Regards, Magnus.
> (D5, IBO 3.6.Ce)
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