Subject Feature Request (Generators)
Author Christian Mautendorfer

would it be possible to add a property to TIB_Dataset so the generator can
add an arbitary number?
I checked the source and it would take 1 added propery and 1 line changed
in the IBA_Dataset.INP unit.
Procedure SysGetServerDefaults line 3956 (realease Cd).
I thought about coding a descendant for my own use but
1. SysGetServerDefaults is not virtual (the virtual directive is commented out)
2. It's quite big and would be a waste to recode. (or just c&p with the

It would even be better if the generator links could hold this value.
This save the extra property (there are enough already) and would carry
over to the TIB_Connection level as well.

Alas I'm not deep enough into IBO to code this myself withough a big
investment to understand how the code fits together.
Right now I don't have enough time to be willing to personally invest in this.

If this is not an option I'll just have to make a descandant that places a
Gen_ID into the AfterInsert or BeforePost with 2 properties to handle this :(

Thanks in Advance