Subject Re: Feature Request (Generators)
--- In IBObjects@y..., Christian Mautendorfer <phase-list@g...> wrote:
> Hi
> would it be possible to add a property to TIB_Dataset so the
generator can
> add an arbitary number?

Generator's aren't like records that you can start transaction, lock,
update and commit transaction.

In order to do what you're proposing, you need to get the current
generator value, for example :

CurValue := Qry.GeneratorValue('GENERATOR_NAME', 0);

FutureGeneratorVAlue := 5;

CurValue := Qry.GeneratorValue('GENERATOR_NAME',
FutureGeneratorValue - CurValue);

This code may not work ,because between the first call to
GeneratorValue and the second call it's value can be changed since
it's not under transaction control..

Just my opinion...

Geraldo Lopes de Souza