Subject D3.02 - Build error - IB_Session.Pas
My project is throwing up the following errors - but ONLY when
I 'Build All' - These are not manifest on either a 'Compile' or
a 'Run'.

Error c:\ibo\ibo_session.pas(776): Incompatible types 'Array'
and 'Char'

Error c:\ibo\ibo_session.pas(786): Incompatible types 'status_vector'
and 'Integer'

Error c:\ibo\ibo_session.pas(789): Incompatible types 'Array'
and 'Char'
and again in lines 1048,1096,1265,1290

Fatal error c:\ibo\ib_transactionbar.pas(19): could not compile used
unit 'IB_Session.pas'

Because my project largely "works" this may be something or nothing -
I don't really know.

Regards John