Subject Compile problems D3.02 - IBC_CustomLabel.pas and IBC_Label.pas
I'm having a number of problems (more in a different thread) and I
thought a cure might be a complete reinstall of IBO.

So - downloaded from Jason's site last week and now I get a problem
in installing as follows

Error: c:\ibo\IBC_CustomLabel.pas(105): Method 'DoDrawText' not found
in base class

Error: c:\ibo\IBC_CustomLabel.pas(183): Undeclared identifier 'Adjust
Bounds' - This repeated in lines 194,205,216,232

Error: c:\ibo\IBC_CustomLabel.pas(430): Undeclared
identifier 'DrawTextBiDiModeFlags'

Fatal Error: C:\ibo\IBC_Label.pas(89): Could not compile used
unit 'IBC_CustomLabel.pas'

I've tried fiddling about but to no avail and anyway I'm not
competent enough to do it safely so for the time being I've gone back
to a much earlier version

This environment is D3.02 - Win98 - IB6.??

Regards John