Subject Doesn't IBO keep the connection alive?
Author pelleliljendal
I am currently "working" with IBO under the Trustware license in
order to evaluate it (currently using IBX). Currently everything is
looking nice, and IBO is (automatically) taking care of a lot of
areas I had to program myself with IBX.

However the problem is that the connection seems to "time out" with
IBO. Is this inface a problem or is it simply a limitation imposed on
the (free) Trustware license ?

I am using the IBOxxx components (can't use the IB_xxx components
since they have to function with 3rd party controls). In my
datamodule I have inserted a IBODatabase and I have set
its "KeepConnection" to true. While running my IBO Test-Applikation
on my own PC (also running the FireBird server) there is no problem
at all. However if I run the application on another PC (connecting to
the database on my PC) it seems to timeout/loose connection ? On the
form in question I am using a OBOTransaction since the form has a OK-
/Cancel-buton that either do a Commit or a Rollback.

The error message displayed (if I try to edit a record after letting
the PC "rest" for 5-10 minutes):
ISC ERROR CODE:335544721

Unable to complete network requst to host "XXX".
Error reading data from the connect.
(translatet from Danish)An existing connection was forcefully
disconnected from the host."