Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with TIBOQuery
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:09 AM 20-12-01 -0200, you wrote:
>It worked using the AfterPrepare event insted of BeforeOpen... But it won't
>fire at the times when i want to change the parameter...
>> Re the connection stuff - may I suggest that you enter the Server and Path
>properties and then go and >change the DatabaseName property to some
>user-friendly thing like MyDb? After that, go to each of your >datasets and
>select MyDb (or whatever you chose for the dbname) for the Database.
>I'm setting the IB_Connection property of the TIBOQuery to my TIBODatabase
>which sets the DatabaseName property automatically. Is there any problem ?

There shouldn't be. <default> and TIBODatabase1 are synonymous. You didn't alter the IB_Transaction property, right?

>I'm sorry but i'm totally new with IBO, what is this "monitor" that you
>refer ?

Go to the iboDialogs palette and drop an IB_MonitorDialog onto your form. Set its BaseConnection property to your IBODatabase. In your FormCreate, add the line


Then, when you run your app, you can watch what is happening at the API, including seeing the values that are being passed in your parameters.

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