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Can you use InfoPower controls and interbase without using the

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> >I am using Delphi and IBObjects. I have been told to take one
> >section of my program, remove IBObjects and use IP Controls. This
> >has caused many problems. For example, is there a interbase driver
> >for the bde that I can use that will enable me to also create an
> >alias? I would really like to show it would be better to stick
> >IBObjects. Can anyone help me out with articles or other
> >information. Maybe firsthand experiences?
> If by IP Controls, you mean InfoPower. Yes you can still use IB
> with them. Use the TIBOTable and TIBOQuery(TDataset descendants)
> components with TDatasource for connectivity. We use this
combination in
> our flag ship application(since it was originally developed for
Paradox and
> now converted for FB/IB). IP can be used with any TDataset
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