Subject To someone who use RAVE4 Report Tool
Author Hugo Sànchez
I'm using Report Printer Pro 3.0 as reporting tool with my Firebird-IBO applications.

Until now, the only way to provide data to report was with TIBOQuery (TDataset descendent), which linked with RPDatasetConnection. I asumed this non-native access isn't the most optimized possible (it's to say, it don't get the highest performance).
Now, the new version of ReportPrinterPro, called RAVE4, announces native IBO access. I've evaluate the demo version, and I've seen that there is 2 ways to provide data:
- Direct DataViews: like the old way; from Builder app. via TRPDatasetConnection (nothing has changed)
- SQL DataViews: defined directly on report, this is the native access, I suppose.

I don't found on Nevrona listgroups anyone that knows the matter. My doubts are:
- Are SQL DataViews really native access (it's to say, the best speed possible)?
- Is there a way to set the Connection parameters (Server & .gdb path) at runtime?
- Is there a way to have Calculated Fields?

I hope some IBO-RAVE user knows the answers.
Thanks a lot,

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