Subject Re: [IBO] Display "user" Error Message
Author Dmitry Beloshistov
You may use:
TIB_Database.OnError event...

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Subject: [IBO] Display "user" Error Message

> If/When a Lock-Error is preset a Dialog-box is presented saying
> something like (e.g. trying to add a record to a grid that "all ready
> exists"):
> <SNIP>
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544345
> Lock conflict on no wait transaction
> attempt to store dublicate value (visible to active transaction) in
> unique index "USERS_IDX"
> TIB_Statement: <TApplication>.FormDiasIboTestMail.FormDhCha.
> </SNIP>
> The error message presented above is OK for me, when
> developing/testing the application however I would like to present
> a "more simple version" of the end-users of my application. Where do
> I intercent these error messages?
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