Subject Dieter's question re SQL parsing
Author Helen Borrie
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At 11:20 AM 12-12-01 +0000, Dieter Tremel wrote:
>I found a wrong parsing of Querys in IB_SQL:
>If you have a sql like
>select name1, name2
>tel1, fax
>from adressen
>wher the comma is missing after name2, there is no error found and
>the result is as name2 is not given at all.

I tested this and confirmed what you observed. However, it's not a bug in parsing, for this is a valid SQL statement. Here is your statement, with the columns in one line:

select name1, name2 tel1, fax
from adressen

This is correctly interpreted by the IBO parser as:
select name1, name2 AS tel1, fax
from adressen

If your test produced a similar output set to mine (using IB_SQL compiled with IBO 4.2Fn) you would see:

============= ============ ===========
data from Name1 data from Name2 data from Fax


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