Subject Re: [IBO] Cursors and SQL parsing...
Author Artur Anjos
For what I know, it's just a matter of time. Jason is always very fast to implement new features like this (remember the FIRST parameter in FireBird?).

For me this is just a Borland problem, not Jason's. Everyone know that Borland should give Jason a lot more support, since there are lot's of people that use IB because of IBO facilities. (I'm one of them).

We all know IBO's place in IB development. Including Borland. We are not stupid. Borland either.

Oh yeah. There is so much in live, that we must learn not to worry with things before they happen... Do you have already bougth your copy of IB 6.5?


Artur Anjos

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Subject: [IBO] Cursors and SQL parsing...


I've noticed that when IBO opens a cursor (whatever component) it parses the
SQL quite a lot.

Executing the following statement in IBO (IB_ISQL):

select * from employee
order by emp_no asc 423423

Succeeds just fine. The statement that goes to the server is:

select * from employee
order by emp_no asc

Obviously, this can be a problem with IB6.5, a query like this:

select * from employee
order by emp_no asc
rows 1 to 5

goes to the server like:

select * from employee
order by emp_no asc

Comments anyone?

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