Subject Re: [IBO] When does IBO attempt to free a memmory block?
Author Jason Wharton
When you are registering and unregistering events there is some confusion
about how the memory blocks for it are handled. Look in there for a call to

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] When does IBO attempt to free a memmory block?

> I asked about an error that i found in my IB log file on an IB support
> forum:
> gds__free: attempt to release bad block
> this error is registered about 10 times per second and the ib server turns
> really slow.
> On that forum, Claudio Valderrama told me that either the engine has
> problems with its memory blocks and the internal
> allocation routines or IBO is requesting it to free a block of memory
> address is invalid (it's not in the list of allocated blocks).
> So, i'd like to know when does IBO request to free a block of memmory on
> server? and why could this error be? (probably a not well formed query
> makes the server hang?)
> Thanks