Subject Re: [IBO] When does IBO attempt to free a memmory block?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:33 AM 10-12-01 -0300, you wrote:
>I asked about an error that i found in my IB log file on an IB support
>gds__free: attempt to release bad block
>this error is registered about 10 times per second and the ib server turns
>really slow.
>So, i'd like to know when does IBO request to free a block of memmory on the
>server? and why could this error be? (probably a not well formed query that
>makes the server hang?)

More precisely, GDS32.dll looks after all client requests to the server. Two things that I can think of are:

Do you have the correct version of GDS32.dll for the server version you have installed?

Ten loggings of the same error could very possible be a bad UDF. Look at any SQL statements or stored procedures that are iteratively calling a UDF. Some of the existing libraries are known to be buggy...