Subject Differnce of IBX and IBO / Transaction-wise
Author Pelle F. S. Liljendal
I have been using IBX with InterBase for over a year now, however for a new
project I am avaluating IBO. As I can see IBO is handling a lot of the
transaction-work that I using IBX had to do myself. However how do I control
transactions in IBO when I have to.

In IBX i have often made a form (eg. a Orderform containen the order head
and the order lines) containing a Ok and a Cancel button. Hitting OK would
commit my work and Cancel would simply do a Rollback. However as I can see
IBO commit each time I "save" an orderline, hence prevents me form doing a
rollback !?

PS: I am using the IBOxxx compontent (over the IB_xxx) since I have to work
with 3rd party components.