Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOStoredProc still working correctly?
Author zifnabbe

But it still gives me this error.
What gives me a very bad feeling is that even dough I get connection
to my database and the database connection is active, I still can't
get the list of my stored procedures at the TIBOStoredProcedure
component. However, if I fill in the name of the sp by hand, it finds
the sp and puts the right parameters inside the params property


> You are calling prepare after assign values to params. You can
change it to:
> if not Prepared then Prepare;
> Another thing is that was related on past an bug with Variants.
> So, You could try the same with :
> SP.ParamByname('xx').asXXXXX:=YYYY
> and see if it help you.
> Luiz.