Subject Two little questions
Author Renato Martins
1. What is the transaction context inside a stored proc. I mean, I call a
stored proc, wich calls a nested one, and so one. None of them start
explictly a transaction. The whole stuff would onlyu be committed (written
to disk??) after the first caller returns? (IB 5.6)

2. Dealing with date type (also, on IB 5.6). I want to convert a string (by
CASTing it) to a date type. What is the format recognized by interbase???
(mm/dd/yyyy, or what??). Is there a way to define it's "date format"???

Quoted from:
In v. 5 String to Date CAST (string AS DATE)
Input format is: MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm:SS.Hun or DD.MM:YYYY HH:mm:SS.Hund
(/ - , : . can be used as separators)
Years in the range 00-99 will be interpreted as within 100 years of current

Is that what I imagine?? Just using a different separator inside the date
string, makes it being recognize as daymonthyear, instead of
monthdayyear???? So, what are the rules???

Which separator yields which results??? And, is this about IB Server, or the
client tools formatting the output???

Sorry for my insistence, but my apps ***really*** need to deal with
dates/times... And I canĀ“t afford (now) the IB6 migration...