Subject Re: [IBO] yikes! Help!
Author Jason Wharton
No, CachedUpdates was only an improvement upon something at the time which
was handled even worse that in it was.
CachedUpdates actually adds additional labor and gyrations to the entire
process. Direct updates are always more efficient if properly done, which
the BDE didn't necessarily do.

The thing that CachedUpdates can do to make things feel better to the user
is it allows them to not hit the network with their changes until the very
end. You are metering the whole process from start to finish and cached
updates are not going to improve performance in that scenario.

I must say, these are some lengthy timings, what are you doing? IOW, details

PS. You are highly advised to make sure you are on a version of IBO later
than 4.2 Fl. I was recently able to root out a problem in cached updates I
thought worthy of putting in red in the release notes. I highly recommend
you get the release I just put out there, IBO 4.2 Fn. It is a culmination of
a policy of "bug fixing only" for the past few months and I have rooted out
dozens of bugs now, some of which have been significant. The release notes
has all the gory details.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] yikes! Help!

> Hi,
> I've a problem here:
> I try to test several setups for updating a Table/Query
> I've used a TIBOTable and with my test dataset it took 32 sec to
> data to a table in interbase.
> I've used a TIBOQuery with CachedUpdates = FALSE and this took also 32
> Now, I tried the same setup of the TIBOQuery, but with CachedUpdates =
> this takes 4 min and 11 sec!
> Using the TIBOQuery with a view on the same table and cachedupdates =
> (and using editSQL and insertSQL), it takes 39 sec.
> I tought CachedUpdates = TRUE would improve speed since it will first
> the updates/inserts and then send it later to the server...
> Can somebody explain me this? Is this a normal behavior?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tom.