Subject yikes! Help!
Author Tom Deprez

I've a problem here:

I try to test several setups for updating a Table/Query

I've used a TIBOTable and with my test dataset it took 32 sec to add/update
data to a table in interbase.
I've used a TIBOQuery with CachedUpdates = FALSE and this took also 32 sec.
Now, I tried the same setup of the TIBOQuery, but with CachedUpdates = TRUE,
this takes 4 min and 11 sec!
Using the TIBOQuery with a view on the same table and cachedupdates = FALSE
(and using editSQL and insertSQL), it takes 39 sec.

I tought CachedUpdates = TRUE would improve speed since it will first cache
the updates/inserts and then send it later to the server...

Can somebody explain me this? Is this a normal behavior?

Thanks in advance,