Subject Re: [IBO] Unhandled Exception: Multiple rows in singleton fetch ...
Author dkLists
Jason -

> By chance, are you using a joined dataset using the old syntax of:
> SELECT ...

No joins, just a where clause that reads the cgi sqlkey parameter and uses
that to select the necessary HTML blob column. If the blob HTML happens to
be a frameset, each frame will be a repeat of the same process. In other
words, each frame request is fulfilled by the parsing of the sqlkey
parameter from the URL and using that key number to select the HTML from the
HTML blob in the database for that frame. The current page uses 2 frames. So
the sequence goes like this:

Browser URL is set to ?db=20.
CGI App parses the db formvar variable of 20.
An SQL request is made of the webdb using the key value of 20.
An HTML blob is returned, and the CGI App 'puts' the HTML code out to the
browser that requested it.
The browser sees that the page is a frameset, so it requests the listed
frames, each with its' own unique URL ?db=xx key value.
CGI App processes request for multiple framesets simultaneously, retrieves
the HTML data from the webdb, and 'puts' the frames out to the browser.

Webdb is currently a flat file, so no linking is done. Each request gets one
row from one table.


David Keith