Subject Unbound TIB_Edit?
Author mmenaz
Hi, I've the need to have a Tedit with embedded button, like TIB_Edit has. Since in the code of TIB_Edit there is the possibility of setting FallowUnboundEdits to true, I would like to know why this is not done, and if it's safe doing so. The problem that I had with my IB_Curency, that work in unbound mode, is that at design time the component name is not shown... a bug that I did correct in the IBC_Edit.IMP, but was not included in the IBO distribution, so I gave up. If that is the problem preventing unbound TIB_Edit, I think would worth the trouble to review the FallowUnboundEdits logic in IBC_Edit.IMP, since having IBO controls that can work bound and unbound seems to me very useful indeed.
Any idea?
Marco Menardi