Subject Re: [IBO] Disappearing grids: If ListBoxStyle = true
Author Jason Wharton
I think you are probably right.
I'll leave it for now just in case something else crops up I won't be too
far away from where we were.

Now, if I could release a batch of fixes without breaking something else...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Disappearing grids: If ListBoxStyle = true

> WOW!
> Neither my test application nor my real life projects show this error
> again.
> From my point of view, the problem seems to be resolved.
> Many thanks, Jason.
> PS: I took a look into the source of IB_Grid.pas and I think that the
> procedure CMShowingChanged is not needed anymore.
> Mario