Subject TIB_Grid: ctrl+click selection bugs
Here are two problems I encountered when using the TIB_Grid to multi-
select rows in a query through ctrl-click.

1. Scrolling down the grid makes all selections visually disappear,
but they are still there. Ctrl+clicking on other rows makes the
selection, but without visual feedback. Scrolling up and down a bit
makes the grid display corretly again.
(Jason: this has been reported before I think, but I could not find
any solutions or fixes for it)

2. Multi-Selection in a grid works different from a standard Windows
list-box, which has caused quite a number of problems in using the
software. The issue is as follows:
When you are in a row (no other row selected) and ctrl-click on
another row, a standard list-box has 2 selected rows (the current+the
clicked), while TIB_Grid has only one (the clicked). Users tend to
think they have selected 2 rows, while they actually only selected
I know this isnt a bug, but is there a way to make the multi-select
feature of TIB_Grid work like a standard Windows control?