Subject Re: [IBO] qrIBOT???
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi David.

>I found a way to obtain the field names at runtime using
>SchemaCache.GetTableNames(param1, param2), so the task is completed.

Good to hear. Using SchemaCache.GetTableFields would have been another option.

>I could not discern anything unusual that I was doing that could cause that
>error. Any ideas?

Well, I can only see two things that may be wrong - no initialisation of s
and s2 (unless you do that in your code before the point when we get a
glance) and adding a ';' at the end of your TIB_DSQL component. I don't
know whether this last semicolon is wrong, just that I never use it myself.

You also do things a bit different from what I'm used to - using sql.text
rather than sql.clear and sql.add, but I guess this is OK (as long as your
call to ShowMessage return sensible information). Finally, I'm puzzled
about why you use ParamByName? You always use them in a specific order and
using Params[] directly is faster than ParamByName (but both should of
course work).