Subject RE: [IBO] ADO vs. BDE vs. IBX vs. IBO
Author Josipovic, Nikica
I think I did not make myself completely clear.
I wanted to say, that an OleDB provider was not available. There are several
ODBC-drivers out there, and one even completely free.
That there are finished OleDB drivers out there, I did not know (I only knew
about the one from Jason, which was obvioulsy not finished), so my excuses
to giving unlcear and also partially wrong information.

Besides that, IBObjects are still the best way to access IB/FB Databases

BTW, Claudio, before I sent the original mail, I tried to access, and it was unreachable. I tried again now, and can see it. Was
there a problem, or was it my Connection?

Cu, Nick

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""Josipovic, Nikica"" <nikica.josipovic@...> wrote in message
> ADO needs an ODBC-Driver to work or an OleDB-Provider, which is
> not available and is definitely the completely wrong choice to acces
> (even IBX would be better).

I caught this article almost by accident, since I don't read the IBO
What is not available, Nick? There are four ODBC drivers: OdbcJdbc
(Starkey), XTG (Vanicek), Easysoft (Gorham) and Gemini (Karyakin). There
at least two OLE/DB providers for IB that are expected to be more
than ODBC drivers due to the number of interfaces: Lipetsk (Kovalenko)
SIBProvider (Wensley Borges) and even Jason had a test OLE/DB driver on
of IBO. This page needs updating probably but it still helps:

Of course, one expects that direct access methods that connect to the
IB/FB API are the best for the specific case, assuming you don't need to
target several db engine products.