Subject RE: [IBO] ADO vs. BDE vs. IBX vs. IBO
Author Josipovic, Nikica
Wrong group, I would say.
IBO is the queen of IBO-Specific Data-access with full native access to the
IBX is also native access, but very limited in transaction control, and also
limited through the TDataset-Compatibility
BDE is slow, bulky, no native access and works currently only with Dialect1
ADO needs an ODBC-Driver to work or an OleDB-Provider, which is currently
not available and is definitely the completely wrong choice to acces IB
(even IBX would be better).

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> Subject: [IBO] ADO vs. BDE vs. IBX vs. IBO
> Can you tell me how ADO compares to BDE, IBX and IBO regarding
> efficiency and ease of use.
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