Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQUERY Problem
Author Andy Murphy
""Jason Wharton"" <jwharton@...> wrote in message

> It is struggling to figure out which bookmark is greater. Since IBO
> use a monolithical and inflexible buffering strategy as IBX does, I have
> actually locate each bookmark in the buffer in the context of the buffer
> where they belong. Thus, it has to find them in place. If it doesn't find
> them, I believe it is doing a blanket search before it gives up.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, I know that I dont want the grid
or the query to be doing any kind of compare with the previous search, or
looking for any bookmarks from that previous search. I want it to execute
the query exactly as it does the first time the app loads up, or as it does
everytime if you dot scroll throught the dataset.

> I should be able to figure out something a little more elegant than a
> FetchAll. I'll look into it more closely.

Yeah , I wondered why it was doing that, I havent told it to fetch all and
according to the options set on the grid it should be loading the first 200
records only.

> What would be really grand is if you could extract something which will
> duplicate this without the DevExpress. Just watch what it does and then we
> can try to get to the bottom of this. This way you can tell me exactly
> bookmarks are being compared. For all we know, it could just be a really
> simple thing to fix.

It doesnt do it with a simple grid so its difficult to replicate it. I have
made a small test app which replicates this exact problem, I could place it
somewhere for you to ftp, but I have two problems. Even if I zip the folder
the database is going to be some 30-40mb. Secondly if you dont have Quantum
Grid by DevExpress you wont be able to re-compile it. I would have to ask
DevExpress's permission to put the installer there for test purposes only.

> We could take this into a private channel if you like so as not to clutter
> the list. Of course we will report back our findings....

I dont mind, but if people are following this thread that uses both products
it might be beneficial for them to follow our thought processes.

> > Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ