Subject Re: [IBO] Infopower grid / interbase
Yes, I made sure keylinks was defined.

In the past hour or so I have upgraded to v4 and it is all working
fine now. I have no idea why....

Thanks for your input


--- In IBObjects@y..., Daniel Rail <drail@n...> wrote:
> At 28/11/2001 06:15 PM, you wrote:
> >This is partially a repost, because I have taken up the issue with
> >Infopower, and they believe it is not a problem with their
> >
> >I was wondering if anybody has had any issues using the wwdbgrid
> >Infopower2000.
> >
> >I am using TIBOTABLE components.
> >
> >Would anybody have any idea as to why this happens or any
> Do you have KeyLinks defined? I'm using Infopower 2000 latest
version and
> not having any problems as long the KeyLinks property is well
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