Subject Infopower grid / interbase
This is partially a repost, because I have taken up the issue with
Infopower, and they believe it is not a problem with their component.

I was wondering if anybody has had any issues using the wwdbgrid from

I have a wwdbgrid and a wwdbnavigator showing all rows on a table. I
am using Interbase v6 with Interbase Objects3

I only have 7 or 8 rows on the table. When I click on the delete
button and I confirm the delete, the application seems to delete the
incorrect row - it could be the first row, or the row directly b4 or
after the selected row.

I have substituted a standard DBGRID and it does not happen. If I go
back to the ww components, it happens every time? Having tried to
determine it's behaviour, I have discovered that in fact it appears
to delete the record which was previously selected. In other words,
if I am on row 2 of the dataset, and I move to row 4, the click
delete, it deletes row 2 etc etc.

infopower's response to this is that they believe it must be with
the 3rd party dataset - i.e. IBO. The response from Infopower
tech support is as follows:

"When you are deleting a record, InfoPower code is not being
executed, so the only thing I can interpret from your
description is that the 3rd party datsaet is not respecting the
datalink's internal activerecord pointer."

I am using TIBOTABLE components.

Would anybody have any idea as to why this happens or any suggestions?


Stewart Bourke