Subject Re: [IBO] Boris ante portas
Author Jason Wharton

There is a HowToInstall.txt file a little below where you download the eval
and DCU packs.
There is an easier way than doing the dpk's individually. I have provided a
ProjectGroup file with all the packages in them. Do a Build All Projects and
then just right click to install the design-time ones into the IDE. Add in
the component path to the library and browse paths and you are done. The
file has this in more detail so that new users should do fine with it.

There is a LOT of stuff in IBO so don't let it overwhelm you. For now, you
can just focus on using the components on the iboDataset tab. These all work
emulating all that you were familiar with when using the BDE based
components. All that applied to them still applies now. That is why you can
take an entire BDE based application and convert class and unit names and
have a working application in minutes. If you see a property that isn't
familiar to you, just ignore it. In time you will sink in naturally and come
to master all that is available. Most of it is just there to give you more
control when you want to take it.

Right off the main website there are links to each of the component groups
with basic descriptions of each of them. This should give you a good
overview of what all IBO makes available.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Boris ante portas

> Hello Jason!
> The discussion in "interbaseexpress"-ng eventually convinced me to take
> a closer look into IBOjects.
> Today I downloaded it from your site.
> At first glance I am missing a class/function-overview, just a short
> summary of what is there, how it's called, what it is intended to do.
> I know, you're a pro, you're just thumbing through the source. 8-)
> I have downloaded all the tech-help-files.
> They are numerous and a bit confusing.
> I've been looking for an install guide, but up to now I didn't find it.
> So I guess (I hope), installing the dpk's via the IDE should do it...
> I'll keep you posted how an absolute newbie to IBO and bloddy non-pro
> goes into it...
> Regards, Boris