Subject Boris ante portas
Author Boris Schlüszler
Hello Jason!

The discussion in "interbaseexpress"-ng eventually convinced me to take
a closer look into IBOjects.
Today I downloaded it from your site.
At first glance I am missing a class/function-overview, just a short
summary of what is there, how it's called, what it is intended to do.
I know, you're a pro, you're just thumbing through the source. 8-)

I have downloaded all the tech-help-files.
They are numerous and a bit confusing.

I've been looking for an install guide, but up to now I didn't find it.
So I guess (I hope), installing the dpk's via the IDE should do it...

I'll keep you posted how an absolute newbie to IBO and bloddy non-pro
goes into it...

Regards, Boris