Subject Re: IBO and BCB4 - Install Problems
--- In IBObjects@y..., Norman Dunbar <norman.dunbar@l...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've managed to fix the problem with IBO42Fd installing into BCB 4
> Professional. The gruesome details follow and I hope it proves
useful -
> there have been a few postings recently re installing in BCB. The
> took about an hour (of my lunch hour !) to get working with many
> clean outs and re installs. It finally works.

Norman, you're a genius! Yup, I got IBO to install with your
instructions. Now I have IB6.0 and IBO working... what more could a
man want!

> Maybe the following could be cut and pasted into a helpful 'how to
> into BCB.txt' file to go with the releases.
> As a comparison, I installed the latest Fd release into Delphi 6
> in less than 5 minutes - including the time it takes to unzip all
> various files and I didn't have to mess with adding stuff to the
> files to make them install either :o)
> My advice - switch to delphi !

Yeah, I would if I could afford the $800 AUD upgrade cost!

Thanks, again. Eric.