Subject IBO and BCB4 - Install Problems

I'm having a little adventure installing IBO into BCB4 Pro. I got
the with the and files yesterday.

I am trying to follow the IBO-HowToInstall instructions. But here's
the problems:

1) Most .bpk files have a reference to the inet40.bpi and
inetdb40.bpi files which are not supplied in BCB4 Pro. I removed the
references in the .bpk and some .cpp files. No big deal here.

2) Again, all builds ask for the Package Import files
IBO40WXRT_C4.bpi and IBO40WRT_C4.bpi. I guess I could have removed
these refernces as well, but I guess ignored the requests. Again, no
big deal here (hopefully).

IBO40TDT_C4.bpl all installed cleanly, but...

3) when installing IBO40VDT_C4.bpl, and error box came out saying:
Cannot load package IBO40TRT_C4. It contains unit 'Ib_process',
which is also contained in package 'IBO40VRT_C4'.

4) installing IBO40FDT_C4 also produced the above message.

5) installing IBO40XDT_C4 also produced the above message.

So all in all, I got the iboCore, iboAccess, and iboTools component
tabs installed but I'm afraid I'm missing alot of functionality due to
these errors.

Please help me as I am eager to get IBO'ing. Eric.