Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Firebird 1.0 - RC1 & IBO
Author Nando Dessena

> In my experience, the problem persist only if you have ENABLED
> Forced Writes. I never used path strings like c:anydir\..., I always
> used c:\anydir\...
> If I enable Forced Writes, then I cannot even disable them
> from IBConsole (because of "invalid handle" error), and IB_SQL cannot
> connect to the database.

I can confirm that the problem goes away if forced writes are turned
Geoff, have you got forced writes off in your workstation by chance?

> I have to copy back ibserver.exe (FB 1.0... Beta2),
> disable Forced Writes, then copy back ibserver.exe (FB 1.0 RC1).

I am able to disable forced writes with gfix. No other version of
ibserver is needed.