Subject Re: Firebird 1.0 - RC1 & IBO

In my experience, the problem persist only if I have ENABLED
Forced Writes. I never used path strings like c:anydir\..., I always
used c:\anydir\...
If Forced Writes are enabled, then I cannot even disable them
from IBConsole (because of "invalid handle" error), and IB_SQL cannot
connect to the database.
I have to copy back ibserver.exe (FB 1.0... Beta2),
disable Forced Writes, then copy back ibserver.exe (FB 1.0... RC1).
Then it's all right again. I don't think this can be a permanent

Regards, Zoli

> What I think would be useful, would be for those who encounter this
problem to provide as much information as possible about the tools
they used, and the path strings, so that I can place some sample code
in the notes to indicate where people need to tighten things up. At
present we are just not getting enough information from people who
encounter the problem.
> At present, the immediate solution seems to be to restore your
database using RC 1 gbak, from a backup that you did with your
previous release of gbak (ib 6 or a lower Firebird, as the case may
> regards,
> Helen
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