Subject Problems connecting to dialect 3 databases with FB RC1
Author Nando Dessena
I have installed Firebird RC1 and suddenly I cannot connect to any of my
dialect 3 databases with IBO. If I tried with IB_SQL I receive a
"invalid file handle" error and the application stays in a state in
which the connection bar shows it is connected, but everything I try to
do afterwards causes the same error message. I have to shut down IB_SQL
with task manager.

The behaviour is the same with local and remote connections, and it does
not happen with dialect 1 databases. I have tried backup & restore with
no positive result.

I am able to connect fine with isql.

I am using IBO 4.2Eh. I haven't seen anything in this regard in the
release notes for the more recent versions, but I can upgrade if needed.
Can anyone confirm this and/or suggest additional diagnostic steps.