Subject Re: [IBO] Problems connecting to dialect 3 databases with FB RC1
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Nando,

> I have installed Firebird RC1 and suddenly I cannot connect to any
> of my dialect 3 databases with IBO. If I tried with IB_SQL I receive
> a "invalid file handle" error

I cant really be much help, I can only say that the problem does not
occur with my dialect 3 databases. I am currently upto 4.2.Fb but I
am pretty sure a couple of the apps I am using have not been
recompiled on the latest releases, so I dont think the problem is in

The best I can suggest is that you scan your disk for GDS32.DLL
instances. Also, given the currently manual install make sure you are
not attempting to run multiple instances of the server (make sure any
old service instances are disabled if they still exist).

I mostly run FB as an app under Win2k-Pro (SP2) and disable the
services, although I doubt if that is likely to make any difference. I
do this so that I can easily switch between different server versions
for testing.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing