Subject RE: [IBO] HDR
Author Josipovic, Nikica
Detail-Queries are parametrized queries with the primary key of the
master-dataset as search-parameter for the foreign key of the detail.
Whenever you navigate in the master, the detail will be executed with a new
parameter value.
HDR has got nothing to do with this case.
HDR _will_ help, if you get large sets of details and want to do search _in_
them, but the MD-mechanism itself is as fast as it can get.


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Subject: [IBO] HDR

Hi list,

due to the successes of Guido Klapperich I am also playing
with the HDR (Horizontal Dataset Refinement). I saw that it
increases the speed of my queries with large result sets.

Now a small question. I have got to tables, A and B, and a
Master-Detail relationship using IBO's Masterlinks.

A is master, quite small, about 4.000 records. B is a larger
table with 30.000 records.
Does it make sense to activate HDR for the detail table,
will HDR speed up the search for the detail records
(about 5 to 40 records)?



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