Subject Master Detail
Author Olafur Gudmundsson
Hi, I'm having this big problem with Master Detail rel.

The situation is:
1. I have one transaction comp. and two ib_query comp. and two datasource
2. The PK in the master is of type string and so is the FK in the detail
3. The PK in the detail table is a integer and is generated on the IB6.
4. I control the transaction my self. I start it when I create the form and
I make a hard Commit when I close the form, I use Isolation
"Concurrency(Repeatable Read)" and Autocommit = false.
5. The program is a MDI and the form is one of the child forms.
6. All my child forms are created when needed except my main form and my
datamodule (where I keep my trans. and query's).

The problem is:
1. When I open my form for the first time everything is working ok. I can
browse and insert and browse and everything is ok.
2. But when I close(Action := caFree; frmFyrirtaeki := nil;) the form and
then open it again the detail query seem to have lost the connection to the
3. So when I browse the master the detail query is not working.

I think I have tried just about everything (I going nuts) and I hope some
one can help me out here.