Subject Re: Master Detail
Author Marco Menardi
Since you seem desperade, I give you some (stupid?) ideas, but I did
not think about them the necessary time.
Maybe the detail query is simple cose. Query.CommitAction maybe is
caClose, you open it when you create the datamodule, after a commit it
gets closed and the second time you open the form it does not work
With the debugger (ctrl+F7) inspect the value of some dataset's
property. Add some IBO bars on the form and chain them with the
datasets just to have a visula clue of what is carrying on (tansaction
bar, dataset bar). Let me know.
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Olafur Gudmundsson" <olafurgu@h...> wrote:
> Hi, I'm having this big problem with Master Detail rel.
> The situation is:
> 1. I have one transaction comp. and two ib_query comp. and two
> comp.
> 2. The PK in the master is of type string and so is the FK in the
> table.
> 3. The PK in the detail table is a integer and is generated on the
> 4. I control the transaction my self. I start it when I create the
form and
> I make a hard Commit when I close the form, I use Isolation
> "Concurrency(Repeatable Read)" and Autocommit = false.
> 5. The program is a MDI and the form is one of the child forms.
> 6. All my child forms are created when needed except my main form
and my
> datamodule (where I keep my trans. and query's).
> The problem is:
> 1. When I open my form for the first time everything is working ok.
I can
> browse and insert and browse and everything is ok.
> 2. But when I close(Action := caFree; frmFyrirtaeki := nil;) the
form and
> then open it again the detail query seem to have lost the connection
to the
> master.
> 3. So when I browse the master the detail query is not working.
> I think I have tried just about everything (I going nuts) and I hope
> one can help me out here.
> Regards
> Olafur