Subject Dataset States and Master Detail
Author Roger Webb
Howdy Yall,

I've got a form that has a master IB_Query and a detail IB_Query. The
dataSouce components attached to each.. both point to the same OnStateChange
procedure which, basically does a

if ADataSet.State in [dssEdit,dssInsert] then
Label1.Caption := 'Edit/Insert'
Label1.Caption := '';

When I edit one of the Detail records, everything works fine, and the label
says "Edit/Insert' and blanks out after I post or cancel. My problem is
when I edit one of the masters. The OnStateChange gets run for BOTH
Datasets, so the label ends up blank. The master dataset (in Edit state)
changes it to text... then the Detail dataset runs it in browse mode and
changes back to blank.

Why does it run for the detail set? Anyway to catch it and make it work?

- Roger