Subject Job opportunity with me
Author Jason Wharton
NOTE: US residents only. No sponsorship options available.

The Secretary of State's office is seeking an individual proficient in
client/server programming that is interested in developing solutions to
make an efficient, empowering and enabling e-government office.

Responsibilities will include the design, implementation and maintenance
of client/server solutions in an office known nationwide for it's
forward thinking and aggressive Internet usage. Scope includes
supporting office operations, external clients needs and e-government
initiatives spanning multiple jurisdictions. Function is primarily
programming, however range from problem solving, system design,
networking (if interested), hardware (if interested), database
management (comes with the territory), support (minimized whenever
possible) and web publishing (at minimum cgi development).

Individual should have strong object oriented programming background.
This office uses the Borland Delphi Suite 5, Interbase SQL 5.6 server
and current workstation/networking hardware to develop and run its
systems. Delphi experience is preferred, but only client/server
experience is mandatory. Office is open to alternative methodologies and
products, however non-proprietary standards are encouraged to maintain
future interoperability.

Environment Description:
The Office of the Secretary of State is responsible for business filings
such as Uniform Commercial Codes and partnerships; Election information
including results, lobbyists and Campaign Finance disclosures; as well
as notary commissions and publication of the Administrative Code and
Register. All of the office's access is Internet based, including
on-line registration of telemarketers, voter registration and real-time
reporting of election results with the counties. The Secretary of State
also champions e-government, which focuses on the transformation of
government to interaction on the Internet. The combination of leading
examples of Internet usage and e-government initiatives provides for an
enriched solution providing experience.

Salary Range:
Depending on experience and abilities, salary ranges from 48K to 56K.
Position is uncovered, which is government terminology for 'doesn't last
forever,' but comes complete with full government benefits, flexible
work hours and some telecommuting. This office really is cutting edge,
for example PIII 256MB Ram SCSI workstations with 21" monitors, and
therefore we keep our employees cutting edge as well with higher training
and conference availability.

For more information, please email Mike Totherow, CIO for the office, at
mtotherow@... or Jason Wharton, Senior Programmer, at