Subject Re: [IBO] First
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:54 PM 13-11-01 -0200, Luiz Alves wrote:
>Only Firebird Interbase supports it. Do you have installed?

Firebird is Firebird. InterBase is InterBase. :)


Select FIRST 10 * from TableA is a nonsensical query. There is no way to predict what you will get. FIRST only makes sense in an ordered set.

FIRST went into the Firebird beta 0.9.5.

Additionally, unless you are using a binary built *after* the release of FB 1.0 Beta2, then FIRST has a bug if you use it with SKIP, e.g.
SELECT FIRST 10 SKIP 10 will return rows 10 to 19. Later builds correctly return rows 11 to 20.

Also DON'T use FIRST for searched updates or deletes. It will recurse, and will update or delete every row in the table that meets your WHERE criteria.


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